“How curious!” are words that often come out of my mouth. I like to ask a lot of questions and often the answer to these questions is at the end of an investigation. Sisu is the one who really inspired me to investigate more.

If you are curious too, here are some ideas of investigations and activities you can do that are inspired by my stories.

I would love to see your results! Send in pictures to tiikat@tiikat.com so that I can display them in my gallery. To say thank you, I have stickers and badges to send to all you creative kids out there.


Bird House Feeder

Birds have busy days, don’t they? All that flapping about and singing, laying eggs and migrating – it is exhausting, even before you count all the foraging and hunting for food!

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About Tiikat

About You

Tiikat has written about himself, telling you all about his likes and dislikes and what he wants to do in the future. Now it’s your turn…

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